Teaching Improvement Through Video Observation



Cutting edge classroom video capture and professional learning.


thereNow has been the leading the development of video capture technology specifically designed for the classroom, for over 10 years.

Recognized by the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) as a Small Business Innovation success story

Teachers are professionals, and care a great deal about the students they teach. Join the ranks of professionals across the world, and industries, who use video to reflect on, analyze, and share practice.







  • modeling

    thereNow technology can be used to capture best practice video of model teachers and share it—with the click of a button. Classroom cameras allow teachers to see how other teachers in their school or district are effectively executing teaching practices. Schedule a free, live demo

  • observation

    Recording oneself teaching allows for self-reflection, then sharing footage with a coach. The observer can add text, audio and video notes to the classroom recordings. Most importantly, the teacher controls when the camera is rolling. Schedule a free, live demo

  • feedback

    Virtual classroom observation overcomes the limitations of traditional, in-person evaluation, to give teachers the consistent, individualized feedback they need. Schedule a free, live demo